Thursday, January 07, 2010

A few of my favourite things

Here are a couple of  'from the heart' creations and our comfy dry room with backyard view.  Someday I'll have the seating I'd like to have yet for now, we really enjoy this space for reading and sitting quietly observing the wildlife and weather.

Paintings represent: Father, Mother, Older sister and younger sister
Created by Sarah
Fern Stand :The aloe plant will be replaced by my large fern soon,
Created by Bruce
Djembe' Ebony earrings: fond passion of the mother
Created by Jannah (photo coming soon)

I am blessed...and thankful.


Leslie said...

What a beautiful comfy cozy and warm did well..lovely fern stand and artwork by your creative daughters...can't wait to see the djembe earrings!

Leslie said...

beautiful room...can't wait to see it.